The Eve Figure

For those of you that already read Applegeeks you’ll already know about the Eve Figure they’ve had made, for those that don’t and like collectable figures/toys/model kits etc there’s a bunch of images here:- It’s listed as currently not for sale, but due to the huge amount of responses they’ve had for it I think it’s not going to be too long before they decide to release a retail version.

I’ve been reading their webcomic for a couple of years now, and highly recommended it to everyone else out there, there’s a mix of humour along with some real storytelling and drama and consistently good artwork, to the point where I decided to start making my own Eve Figure a couple of months back when I recently began sculpting again, but haven’t got very far yet. Seeing the excellent work they’ve had produced on their professionally made figure has left me undecided as to finish my version off, or try to convert it to a different character, we’ll see how the mood takes me I guess.