Here is a selection of preview clips of some of the 9 mobile phone games I worked on during my 2 years at Blue Sphere Games Ltd.

Some of the games were created entirely in 2D, but for the majority, to help create a different look than some of the companies other games, the characters (and some of the environments) were modelled, rigged and animated in 3DS Max and then rendered out as a series of png’s, which I then cleaned up in Photoshop.

The exceptions to this were ‘3D Golden Warrior’, which is one of the first fully 3D mobile phone games to be produced where I had to create all character models, animations and scenery objects and export them in JSR-184 format to run straight on the phone, and ‘Blit Space Disco’, where the rigged model was already provided in Animation Master format, and I animated and rendered the character out from this program, and only used 3DS Max for scenery elements and in game artefacts.

The previews frame rates have been altered and are provided in flash format for speed of loading, or there is link under each one to launch an avi version.

3D Golden Warrior

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