Backstroke Of The West

Saw this link (or a list of screens very much like this) ages ago and then forgot about it.

A completely unrelated random conversation reminded me of it, so I will now re-inflict it back on the world – enjoy, I know I did.

YouTube Preview Image

Testing… Testing… Is this thing on?

Oh yeah, I have a blog, who knew?

So by way of catch up, what’s happened in the last 2 years and change since I last posted?

Well the impending fatherhood I mentioned last time occurred, in fact my son is going to celebrate his 2nd birthday next week, and I hit the “there’s no hiding it you’re definitely a grown-up now” benchmark of 35 the week after.

We’ve moved house (even managing buy, or at least mortgage part of it).

I’ve been fired, and re-hired (by the same people, different company, same job).

I’ve still yet to start any (or even finish any previously started) sculpts, and likewise any other ideas such as t-shirt designs, cg models/animations, games etc have remained that… ideas.

With the short gap I seem to have found between my son finally learning to sleep through the night (mostly) and the new impending landmark of us trying to teach him to stop pooping his pants, I might see if I can actually find something worth bothering ‘the internets’ with.

As I pre-cursor, I’ve started meddling with wordpress to see if I can achieve anything with my newly gleaned ‘mad web skillz’ (or rather after 5 years working as a junior web/whatever-needs-doing monkey I’m finally beginning to understand a little of what I actually do for a living, and so why not poke a bear with a stick and see if I can make it out alive).

If the site is up/down/up/down and designs start flopping all over the place, this is why.

That’s if anyone can hear me.

Folding Plug = Genius

Why did no-one think of this before? (more importantly why didn’t I think of this), one of those ideas that seems so obvious after the fact but only after someone else has invented it.

I’m hoping they’ll be standard issue soon.

Folding Plug

Morris: A Life With Bells On

A funny, heart-warming, entertaining film about one mans passion for Morris Dancing. That’s right, Morris Dancing!

After seeing it this weekend, I can easily say this has the be the best “mockumentary” I’ve seen yet, and heartily recommend you visit the website to find out where it’s showing near you, and book tickets now.

Full of British talent (and international, the fantastic Dominique Pinon also has a minor role), great locations, and large amounts of cider, I was happy to join in when the audience spontaneously decided to applaud at the end of the film.

Go see it now.

Halloween Pumpkins

Well it’s almost that time of year again, so I guess I’ll have another attempt at properly carving a Halloween pumpkin ‘a la’ the fantastic Ray Villafane.

I expect his site is getting loads of traffic as everyone checks his pumpkin carving tutorial nowadays, on how he makes such amazing sculptures out of a simple fruit (ok, vegetable if you prefer, but it has seeds, so technically it’s a fruit!), so if it’s down, try checking back later.

If I manage anything not too terrible I’ll post a few pics.