Morris: A Life With Bells On

A funny, heart-warming, entertaining film about one mans passion for Morris Dancing. That’s right, Morris Dancing!

After seeing it this weekend, I can easily say this has the be the best “mockumentary” I’ve seen yet, and heartily recommend you visit the website to find out where it’s showing near you, and book tickets now.

Full of British talent (and international, the fantastic Dominique Pinon also has a minor role), great locations, and large amounts of cider, I was happy to join in when the audience spontaneously decided to applaud at the end of the film.

Go see it now.

The Watchmen

I missed The Watchmen on opening weekend due to illness, but having now seen it I’m glad I didn’t have to wait too long.

As a huge fan of the graphic novel (isn’t everyone?) I was a bit worried as to how it was going to turn out, especially hearing how the ending was going to be a little different and sections missing etc, but considering how close some sections were, and the changes not being as bad as I hoped (along with a really great job by the cast) I can live with it.

Lets just hope all of those cool extras on youtube etc are all going to be included on the dvd!

YouTube Preview Image