What happened to January?

I had plans to start the new year off with a whole load of sculpting work, perhaps get back into doing a bit of CG and animation too, and certainly to start making much more regular posts, but it seems as always the shock of going back to work after the Xmas break has partially broken me already and I have managed almost none of those things.

Well I’d best get off now and carry on working on my ‘Wedding Action Figures’ so I’ve more to make posts about I guess, hopefully I’ll have some WIP pics up fairly soon (well before next January at least as I need them finished by May 😛 )

Karma Police

I did use to have several t-shirt designs up on cafepress for sale, but decided it wasn’t worth the cost of paying for a premium site when I wasn’t prepared to put the time in to get all of the other designs out of my head and onto the computer, and then market the whole thing as much as possible, just for the few dollars you get out of cafepress.

The one shirt that has sold a few times though is my Karma Police design, an homage to one of my favourite bands, and also to one of my favourite tv shows ( “…I’m just trying to be a better person…” ) and I realised I don’t think I ever mentioned it here, but it’s still up there, and I’m trying to decide if I should leave it where it is, scrap it altogether, or get a few printed myself and sell them that way instead.

Karma Police ShirtKarma Police Shirt Design