Backstroke Of The West

Saw this link (or a list of screens very much like this) ages ago and then forgot about it.

A completely unrelated random conversation reminded me of it, so I will now re-inflict it back on the world – enjoy, I know I did.

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Robot Wars ++

Saw this over at Angry Zen Master he finds some of the coolest links and videos.

I’m just waiting for the boffins to invent ones which can use weapons, and this will be ‘proper’ robot wars.

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HVATV – Issue #2

The second instalment of Heroes Villains and Artists TV (the previous 2 were just separate parts of episode 1) is now up to watch, just hit the link on the right.

Make music, not Star Wars

Now we all know there are a million Star Wars parodies and edit/mashes out there, more bad than good on the whole, but I’d never seen this one till a few minutes ago and I laughed out loud when I watched it so, whichever category you think it comes under, I like it a lot, thanks Chris for the link.

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Encapsulating childhood…

…well some of mine at least.

Thanks James for sending me the link to this, what surprised/upset/amused me, was being able to guess what was about to appear before it did so often, if you’re a child of the late 70’s early 80’s and from the UK, I think you might have the same response to this as I did, watch with the sound on for full effect (don’t worry it’s safe for work, as long as they don’t mind a couple of classic tunes)

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