Changes are afoot! Welcome to the new Monkeywiz

I’ve been meaning to update my website for years and never managed to get around to it, so I decided the best way to keep me interested and get used to updating regularly was to take it in a completely different direction hence the Monkeywiz Blog!

This is still going to be a place where I showcase my personal (and proffesional) work, but I will now be including more work in progress, usefull tips and tutorials, as and when I come accross them (or maybe even write a few), as well as including interesting links and more of my personal view of the world (or rants as people who know me might call them).

I’m still playing with all of the in’s and outs of this blogging software, which is why it currently has a rather drab exterior, but expect huge changes to the look and format of this site very soon. If you came here looking for some of my flash work or 3D animation, don’t worry, check back soon and I’ll have some new stuff up (and maybe even some of the old stuff if I decide it’s good enough).

Enough chat for now, back to editing the site