Heath Ledger – Joker

Do not adjust your eyes, it actually is a toy and not the real thing!

Heath Ledger - Joker Heath Ledger - Joker

Produced by a company called Hot Toys and the head sculpted by one of their in-house sculptors called Yulli it’s one of the best sculpt likenesses I’ve seen of any person (and I’ve seen a few pretty damn good ones), I just wish I knew what she’d been drinking to get the sculpting super-powers.

Frank Miller – Batman

Since making those posts about the Tony Cipriano HVATV episodes a while back there have been many sculptors and pieces of work I’ve meant to mention and have just kept forgetting.

Seeing pics today of this finished Frank Miller ‘The Dark Knight Returns‘ Batman sculpt, by a guy called Thiago Provin reminded me.

As a big fan of the graphic novel I can’t help but be impressed with how well he’s managed to bring this to life, adding an extra dimension of realism, but without detracting from the original design. Click on his name or the pic to see bigger pics.

The Dark Knight Returns - Thiago Provin

As a way of making up for all the times I’ve missed mentioning great sculpts in the past I’ve added a new ‘Sculptors’ section to the links on the right, and will be adding more as I remember who I’ve missed off (and updating the Tony Cipriano one when I find one that works!).