I’d buy that for a dollar!

Missile base on sale as ideal home

It is the ideal home for an aspiring James Bond villain, or an anxious survivalist seeking a refuge that can withstand an atomic bomb.

A former US intercontinental ballistic missile base – with a network of underground tunnels and silos, but no nuclear warheads – is on sale on eBay for $1.5m (£750,000, 1.06m euros).

Shame about the lack of missiles though, otherwise I’d be seriously interested in making an offer 😛

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Chocolate Wolverine Part 2, now with an ‘Amazing’ friend

I finally got round to finishing the Wolverine blank I mentioned in an earlier post, that I’m hoping to turn in to chocolate lollipops for my wedding.

I kept putting it off because it was taking a lot of work trying to get it all symmetrical, smoothed out and to the high level of finish that I wanted, but my fiancée reminded me that most people that will be seeing these aren’t comic fans and so won’t care if it looks like who it’s supposed to, or if the right and left sides of his costume match, and it’s only likely to last about three seconds after it’s discovered that they’re made out of chocolate before someone bites the head off anyway, so as she was happy with it I decided to leave him asymmetrical and call him finished.

For a bit of variation, I knocked out an equally asymmetrical Spider-Man (black suit so I didn’t have to try and sculpt the webs 😛 ), the texture looks a little weird on him, as I ran out of primer mid spray.

Finished Prototype Wolverine bust Finished Prototype Wolverine bust Finished Prototype Wolverine bust
Finished Prototype Spider-Man bust Finished Prototype Spider-Man bust Finished Prototype Spider-Man bust

Figures are in 1/12th scale.

What happened to January?

I had plans to start the new year off with a whole load of sculpting work, perhaps get back into doing a bit of CG and animation too, and certainly to start making much more regular posts, but it seems as always the shock of going back to work after the Xmas break has partially broken me already and I have managed almost none of those things.

Well I’d best get off now and carry on working on my ‘Wedding Action Figures’ so I’ve more to make posts about I guess, hopefully I’ll have some WIP pics up fairly soon (well before next January at least as I need them finished by May 😛 )

My kinda secret Santa

Merry Christmas everyone,

You’ll have to excuse the blurry pics, but here’s a shot of my contribution to the Christmas décor at my house, well he’s wearing red isn’t he…

Secret Santa