Sicaf Sand Art

Don’t know how I missed this, some really impressive real-time artwork using just sand and light. This guy even gives Tony Hart a run for his money (Hart Beat and it’s variations used to be amongst my favourite shows as a kid). Gotta give credit to WilySteve over at the The Clubhouse Forum for posting a link to this one.

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The equivalent of Scratch ‘n’ Sniff for the internet, hmm ,interesting idea, but to be honest why?

Within a decade the net will be able to deliver smells as fast as it does data, predicts a report.

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We have the technology, we can rebuild you.

Now I think this is excellent news, for those of you that missed it.

A bionic eye implant that could help restore the sight of millions of blind people could be available to patients within two years.

Full story here

This is obviously great news for the people this can potentially help, but I’m also interested in how long it’s gonna be before those of us without eye problems can get upgrades, sign me up for some of that accelerated vision.

Forcast me Surprised!

Well they’ve finally done it, I guess they had to sooner or later, the weather forecasters got one right!

I know you might not believe me so I have photographic evidence to prove it. I’m always amazed at how much nicer everything can look under a clean new coating of snow, which is why you’re treated to a picture of my bin for shot 3. Click for larger images.


It’s still snowing slightly now, and some kids are even trying to sledge on the pavement out front, which I’ll admit seems strange to me as I grew up in the country and sledging wasn’t sledging unless you found the steepest hill around, preferably with some brambles/barbed wire/deep ditches at the bottom to ‘break your fall’ and used either a bin bag stuffed with hay or for one massively dangerous but fun filled winter a car bonnet! (don’t ask), but hey they seem to be having fun anyway.


There was a link to this site on one of the forums I visit regularly

Say Hello to the all New Genpetsâ„¢ from Bio.Genica!
The Genpetsâ„¢ are Pre-Packaged, Bioengineered pets implemented today!

That’s right, Genpets are not toys or robots. They are living, breathing genetic animals.

Read it all thoroughly, and then when you’ve finished looking through it all (and perhaps think the worlds finally gone even more crazy) go here to see more products, I especially like the footwear!

What did you do over Xmas Vacation?

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but all I really did over Xmas was a whole lot of nothing, with occasional bouts of nothing in front of either the TV or PC, all the while eating and drinking like I’d only discovered food and drink a few moments before (oh and visited the family but that was more of the same just in a different location).

It seems not all of us were as happy to do the human equivalent impression of the bastard offspring of pig and sloth and instead spent their time in a much more useful and creative manner (in my opinion anyway which here is all that counts) , especially Missed Manners who documents his activities here:-
What I Did Over Christmas Vacation.

Right I’m going off to make sure everyone knows I want sweets for Xmas next year, and then consider which scene from which film or book I’m going to tackle. I suppose it depends on how much help I think I might get, and amount of sweets.

Sea Otters Gambolling in the Wild, Wild Surf

I used to read a lot more often than I do now, and even though these days I seem to spread my spare time much more thinly there’s still nothing quite like sitting down and escaping the world for a while with a good book. That being said I think I might start to add reading recommendation’s here (I’m not sure why I never have before, must be the aforementioned neglecting my brain through lack or reading), for those of you who might share my tastes or opinions (or are willing to ‘take my word for it’ even if you don’t).

I’ve (literally) just finished reading ‘Sea Otters Gambolling in the Wild, Wild Surf by John Bennett’, which was recommended to me by my girlfriend (who rather handily works in a library and being the sweetheart she is brings me home anything she thinks I might find interesting), and now I can heartily recommended it to the rest of the reading world.

Sixteen-year-old Felix is bored and stressed. He’s stressed about his ‘A’ Level results, stressed about working for that mad old bag Mrs Pretzel, stressed about what the future holds. He’s also feeling mighty guilty about the possibly fatal combination of laxatives and scrabble tile (Z, ten points) he fed to Mrs P’s spaniel, Vespasian. But it’s not the stress or the guilt that initiates the bizarre quest that takes him half way around the world on a stolen debit card – it’s curiosity. Felix is very curious about a statue he finds in the permanent clearance sale at ‘The House of Crap’ – a statue depicting a fat man and a sea otter in sexual congress. “Sea Otters Gambolling in the Wild, Wild Surf” is the story of where Felix’s curiosity takes him, to Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco; on a journey that challenges his preconceptions about the world, his plans for the future and his relationships with his family. Will he get home before his little sister discovers what he’s up to? What’ll happen to Vespasian? Will he get the passes he needs to get into University? Whatever!

Banksy Shop

Now everyone knows who Banksy is (not actually ‘who he is’ but rather know of him) and even if you don’t there’s a good excuse to find out. I was sent this link to the shop page of his site in an email, the best thing about it is that every item is free (photo’s of his work available for download in various sizes).

Right I’m off to eat some bandwidth.