What did you do over Xmas Vacation?

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but all I really did over Xmas was a whole lot of nothing, with occasional bouts of nothing in front of either the TV or PC, all the while eating and drinking like I’d only discovered food and drink a few moments before (oh and visited the family but that was more of the same just in a different location).

It seems not all of us were as happy to do the human equivalent impression of the bastard offspring of pig and sloth and instead spent their time in a much more useful and creative manner (in my opinion anyway which here is all that counts) , especially Missed Manners who documents his activities here:-
What I Did Over Christmas Vacation.

Right I’m going off to make sure everyone knows I want sweets for Xmas next year, and then consider which scene from which film or book I’m going to tackle. I suppose it depends on how much help I think I might get, and amount of sweets.

2 Replies to “What did you do over Xmas Vacation?”

  1. i think you should re-enact that scene from ‘chocolat’ at the end where alfred molina gorges himself in a shop window whilst rolling around!

  2. I’ve not seen or read chocolat, but that’s certainly an option. I think perhaps I’d prefer to do Alfred Molina as Doc Ock, I can already see it now with liquorice for his arms.

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