Bloody Pulp

Been reading a few of the web-comics over at Zuda recently, and impressed with the stories this month I decided to sign up and vote.

The deal is that the beginning of 10 comics is put up every month, and depending on the votes, the winner continues to be serialized.

I quite want The Adventures of Mr. Simian to win, but as it’s ranked number 9 it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, so I’ve voted for the better of the top few, Bloody Pulp, and just hope it beats out the other main contender Rockstar.

Rockstar is kinda fun and well drawn, but it’s just nowhere near as compelling and interesting as Bloody Pulp, so go on, as a favour to me, click the image below, sign up and vote so I can get to read the rest of the story, you know you want to.

Bloody Pulp

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  1. Only a day left and this comic after going up to the number 1 spot has slipped back to 2, c/mon if you like me you’ll vote for it, (hey even if you don’t it’s a damn good comic).

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