For Sale

I’ve decided to sell my Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC if anyone is interested in owning it (one careful driver).

It’s a great machine, 2ghz processor, 1 gb ram and an 80 gb Hard Drive it’s comparable to some peoples desktop machines, with the added benefit of the wacom digitizer built into the screen so you can draw (512 levels of pressure sensitivity) write (built in hand-writing recognition) and even dictate to it (built in voice recognition).

I wasn’t using it to it’s full potential even with the Multi-Dock docking station I have for it (included for free in the sale), allowing you to use it like a monitor with a separate mouse and keyboard whilst still using the pen on the screen, either in upright portrait or landscape, or flat on your desk/lap and so thought as it’s still under a year old someone else would get better use out of it than me.

It’s already listed on the dreaded eBay Toshiba Tecra M4

To see one actually being used to it’s full potential check out the previously mentioned tutorial video’s by Onezumi HERE