I cracked…

…and bought Leopard for my MacBook!

Not at all necessary but there’s a few cool new features (like coverflow and the folder stacks) and it’s all shiny and new, and I’m a sucker for new gadgets and toys, and this at least has stopped (well delayed) me buying yet another whole new computer.

3 Replies to “I cracked…”

  1. What….!!! You mean you have a mac now..??

    I thought you found them evil and well lacking in comparison to a Windows platform.

    Now I find you even purchasing upgrades because they have “Cool New Features…..”

    What happened..??

    Hope you are well……

  2. Lol,

    Hey Gary, I’m not bad cheers, how are you doing? Yeah the office I work in now is completely Mac based so I went out and got myself a MacBook a few weeks before stating there just to make sure I was familiar with the operating system etc.

    I never said mac’s were evil, just ridiculously overpriced and that they don’t support a lot of programs, if I was still doing 3d I wouldn’t have one, and I have to use my pc for gaming, 3d, support of peripheral devices etc, and I’d never buy RAM from apple, I just upgraded the MacBook, would have cost me £180 at the apple store, got the exact same spec memory brand new direct from the manufacturer for £35 including delivery, you have to admit £145 is quite a mark-up just to get the apple stickers. 😀

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha…. well, having just finished chatting to a pal of mine on my new iPhone, I thought I would type you a quick response.

    By now and having worked with Macs for some time, I feel sure that you have realised that the extra price that we pay for a Mac, is in fact well worth it to NOT have to deal with all of the Blue Screens, Driver Requests, Re-Boots and other nasty little experiences caused by the masses trying to create the odd little Virus and claim they know how to program.

    Plus, if you look around, you will see that all of the SERIOUS applications are in fact “Covered” to run on the Mac now, so you have no excuses….. ha ha ha ha.

    Once You Go Mac, You Will Never Go Back!

    Take it easy…..


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