I can’t think of anything that happened in September worth mentioning so I’ll jump right into October.

On the 6th me and a bunch of friends from university got together for the 10th anniversary of when we started uni.
We visited several of our old haunts, reminisced about old times, drank a prodigious amount (but as we’re all over or near the 30 mark now decided it was best to leave off the shots and drinking games we used to play back in the day) and stayed out late dancing to music that was a hit in the 90’s and buying kebabs on the way home (and not entirely unusually dropping mine on the floor before managing to eat it) and then getting up at the crack of checkout (as we were visiting from all over most of us stayed in a city centre hotel) before going for a huge breakfast and another pint before stumbling off home to rest before having to go back to work on Monday.

Now lets hope it’s not another 10 years before the next one (although I do need a bit of a break first 😛 ).

2 Replies to “Reunion”

  1. hi adam….

    i didn’t make it to the reunion thingy… i regret it… LOTS!
    in another 10 years i’ll try a bit harder to make it.

    glad to see you’re back updating this… it was looking a tad abandoned

  2. Alright mate, yeah shame you didn’t make it, although I got pretty drunk pretty fast and didn’t spend as much time talking to people as I’d planned so still haven’t caught up with most people more than a ‘how are you doing’ .
    Once I’m up to date here I’m going to try and start making regular posts again, I’m hoping it will help to motivate me to get some sculpting done so I’ve more to post about.

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