Transformers, Robots disguised as what? and Thunder who now?

As a child of the 80’s I am of course a huge fan of all of the toy/cartoon/comic franchises which hit us back then, the biggest and best (in my mind) being Thundercats and Transformers, but it looks like they’re being re-imagined (read messed with) for a new generation.

Transformers image 1

Transformers image 2

Transformers image 3

Perhaps I’m being too much of a pureist there we’ll see when the film comes out I guess, but no-one (and I mean no-one) can deny what they’re planning to do to the Thundercats is just plain wrong, please say it isn’t so!

3 Replies to “Transformers, Robots disguised as what? and Thunder who now?”

  1. oh NOOOOO…..
    i did hope they might not screw it up but those robot designs are just too rounded and humanoid for humanoids sake.
    in fact they all look the same… just recoloured. which is silly as all the original transformers were very easy to recognise.
    ho hum.

  2. although thinking about it… i think some of this this may be abandoned concept art. because at the comic con, where they had a huge lorry that was supposed to be the optimus prime prop hidden under a giant cloth, the lorry didn’t have a sticking out front engine segment… it was flat like the original lorry. but either of these could be publicity stunts anyway. or deliberately leaked or even faked (by a good artist i admit).
    it could all easily change.

    i don’t know why the yellow robot prop is 40 feet tall though. it seems to have far too much body mass to turn into a car.

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