How much do I want Megatron?

Now I know this firmly puts me in the ‘big geek’ corner (like there was really any doubt) but as the title says, How much do I want Megatron

The answer is lots!! I never managed to own any of the cool Transformers when I was a kid, and Megatron was always at the top of my want list, but here we have a re-designed model with die-cast metal parts which when in robot form will stand around 13 inches tall, and comes with accessories like the mace he used during that damtop battle with prime (if you didn’t think I was a geek before, you do now).

If I still believed in Santa (although thinking about it I’m not sure I ever did, which would explain my dislike for the holiday seaaon I imagine) I’d be writing him a letter right now and behaving my ass off, hmm, perhaps a quick note to the north pole and a few cookies can’t hurt.

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  1. i’m sorry to hear you never had any transformers…
    i guess i should feel lucky for having: thrust, jazz, twin twist, rippersnapper, seaspray, air raid, flywheels & powermaster optimus prime.
    i still have them too! minus the original packaging though. natch.
    and some of them have seen better days.. (thrust is in a few pieces).
    ho hum.

  2. Hey Dan, sorry I missed your birthday, Happy Birthday.
    Cheers for the link too, I did have a couple of Transformers when I was younger, just none of the really cool ones, Like Megatron, Soundwave, The giant red and white jet (I’ve momentarily forgotten his name) and the Dinobots and limited edition Predacons etc.
    I had Hitch and Hot rod and that was about it, can’t really complain I guess, just lots of unrequited consumerist desire has built up to a point that if I had the cash right now I’d have already pre-ordered that Megatron.

  3. oh… thats alright then.. although from what i remember Megatron was a bit flimsy because he had such a complicated transformation.
    the jet was Jetfire (or Skyfire if you watch the cartoon) which was a direct copy from a macross or gundam toy, yes he was cool.
    i thought the Predacons never came out in this country?
    Hitch? was that one of the later ones? or perhaps the gun that came with the targetmaster version of Hot rod?
    p.s. my (wonderful) sister got me the Transformers season 1 cartoon box set for my birthday!!! OH YEAH!

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