Chocolate Wolverine

Not 100% sure yet if this is what this will be used for, but we had the idea of having chocolate lollipops on tables at my wedding as favours for the guests (if I’ve not already mentioned it here, I’m getting Married in May after a financially forced long engagement).

Rather than having some generic shop bought ones (which are perfectly acceptable of course and we might still end up going that route of this doesn’t work), we thought it might be fun to have some custom versions, and as we both like comics (well we both do now, sorry for turning you into a geek Snacky) and I’m learning to sculp/cast anyway, here is the work in progress for a prototype Wolverine bust lollipop.

Prototype Wolverine bust Prototype Wolverine bust

Figure is in 1/12th scale so about 7cm tall and 4.5cm wide at largest points.

2 Replies to “Chocolate Wolverine”

  1. WHAT..!!?? You are getting married..!!??

    Did you learn nothing from your experiences while working in the leafy suburbs of Birmingham with your game and graphical buddies..!!?? Computers are our only true friends..!!! ha ha ha ha.

    Clearly you need a night out with Da Boyz to get your mind focused again…. ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Seriously though… Congratulations….!!!!

  2. Lol, hey Gaz, I was already engaged before I started at BSG, we would have set the date earlier but then they started firing people and we put it off for a while.

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