New Job!

Well after 6 months of ‘actively seeking work’ interspersed with some freelancing jobs I’ve just started a new full time job as a Junior Web Developer, hooray for me 😀 . It means some of my other extra-curricular projects (planned flash games, sculptures, t-shirt designs, re-designing and building my own websites, CG models and animations, starting to keep fit, etc., etc.) are going to suffer whilst I re-adjust to a normal working week, but hopefully in the not too distant future I’ll be kicking the internet’s ass during the day and belting out some more artistic projects in the evenings (either that or watching tv 😛 ).

3 Replies to “New Job!”

  1. hello.. good on this ‘junior web developer’ m’larky…
    but seriously… HOLY SH**! have you seen the new transformers trailer???!!???!!!

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