Un-Wicked Witch

Now this is something that I would usually have posted about whilst I was making it, but as it was a surprise birthday present for the other half I couldn’t.

She loves the book Wicked and as I also bought her a copy of the book, I thought it might be nice to try and make her a proper sculpt rather than one of the simple penguins I usually make. As the ‘witch’ is the hero (anti-hero?) of the book, I wanted to sculpt my fiancée as the witch and, although I’d actually given up trying to capture her likeness, in the end I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out on that front, and think it manages to look something (if not completely) like her. I went for a slightly more comedy, friendly generic ‘be-witched’ style, and as I was only working on this when I was alone in the house didn’t manage to complete it to the standard I wanted or start painting it it’s still probably my best piece so far.

It’s roughly in 1/12 scale so if the witch was stood, she’d be about 6″ tall, and is about 5 1/2″ tall sitting from boot tip to the top of the hat.

Un-Wicked Witch Prototype Wolverine bust
Prototype Wolverine bust Prototype Wolverine bust