Just like to post a quick thanks for Oni over at for mentioning me in her post the other day.

Both Oni and Harknell were very helpful giving me lots of advice and info about why they chose the tablet pc they did when I was looking to get one a little while back.

To see one in action I’d recommend checking out the tutorial vids they’ve posted over at YouTube and in the tutorials section on their site.

Cancer Research UK

I’ve just added my name to Cancer Research UK’s ‘Cancer 2020’ petition. It’s all about urging politicians across the UK to start planning today for the cancer challenges of tomorrow.

An ageing population and major advances in cancer treatment mean that the number of people surviving or living with cancer is rising. Urgent planning is needed to ensure the NHS is ready for the challenges ahead.

You can sign the petition at:

Cancer 2020: Plan it right, make it fair

Not good news

I don’t handle bad news like this very well so I hope everyone will forgive me for keeping this post short and wedging it between the usual nonsense and frivolity that gets put up here.

I’ve been pondering whether I should post this or not since I heard, not sure if it’s anything anyone else who doesn’t already know needs to hear, but here goes anyway.

I heard last week from a mutual friend that one of my best friends from school died in a car crash. News Article

I hadn’t spoken to him for a few years (only occasionally since we both went off to University, and that’s almost entirely my fault, as most of my friends and family will testify, I’m bad at keeping in touch at the best of times). I had assumed that at some point in the future we would just drift back into contact as easily as we drifted out, but I wish now I’d tried harder to stay in touch with him (as well as all of my old school friends, especially those who were such a big part of my life back then).
My best wishes go out to his family and everyone else affected by this, he will be missed.

Coming soon?

As mentioned a couple of posts ago I’ve finally added some content to the Gallery Page (link on the right), which at the moment includes short videos of some of the Mobile Phone games I was the artist for.

A friend of mine has told me about a java application which will allow me to add playable demos of the games instead/as well, so I’m in the process of decideing/figureing out how to do this.

If people would like to play some of these games let me know, and I’ll get them added.

It costs $100 to talk to me!

New Design added over at Icarus Ink.

During a chat in the pub with an I.T. friend of mine he mentioned whilst he’s on call it costs on average £100 to get throught the automated system (have you tried switching it off and back on again) and talk to him about getting your server fixed.

I think we’d all like to be able to charge some people we meet day to day that much for the privilege of a conversation, so I’ve made ‘It costs £100 to talk to me’ shirts, in Pounds, Dollars and Euros. If anyone wants a particular currency/language, let me know and I’ll be happy to add it to the range.

Go straight to the shirt Here or click the ad below to see all designs in the store.

Gallery Page

I’ve finally added something to the Gallery Page.

It’s still under development and I think will end up looking completely different than it does now, but there are some examples of my work up for now.

Lost My Job!

My boss came into work today, announced that the company was now under administration and our employment was terminated immediately without notice, so I won’t get paid for this month except what I can claim back from the administrators.

I was going to wait till I had all of the designs I was working on finished before launching the t-shirt store site I’ve slowly putting together in my spare time, but now seems like a good as time as any. If you or anyone you know is in the market for a new and original t-shirt, mug or other merchandise then please visit:-

Icarus Ink

Keep checking back regularly or sign up for the newsletter as new designs are going to be added as quickly as possible between job-hunts.