I was asked to edit a pre-existing interface called Chatties for a ‘create your own avatar’ flash app to accompany a text and webcam chat site Visual Chat to add a little more functionality and design a few sets of characters, this is one of the sets I came up with. You can find a version of the interface on my ‘Stills’ page or go to the Chatties site to compare it with the original.

Lego Star Wars II, The Original Trilogy

Now I never played the first one when it came out, but when i heard about the Original Trilogy version I thought it was going to have to be a must buy (I don’t buy games all that often, although I really enjoy playing them to begin with, I get bored of them easily and also frankly I’m a very poor gamer).
Then I saw the offer over at and realising you can get £15 off the pre-ordered PC version, I thought why the heck not.

It was out in the UK on the 15th of this month, my copy arrived Monday morning, and even though I’ve not had much time to play it yet, I’ve made sure to get in a few hours for a first play through of some of the levels, and whilst not the most challenging game in the world and sometimes a little fiddly to control it’s a whole load of fun. Who wouldn’t wanna run round the death star as Chewbacca, with a Stormtroopers helmet on at a jaunty angle (to get through security doors) literally ripping enemies arms out of their sockets!

C’mon Original Star Wars, and Lego, what’s not to like.
Check out the trailer below to see what you’re missing.
(If you do get it on the PC, don’t forget to d/l the patch first, get it here)

YouTube Preview Image

Just like to post a quick thanks for Oni over at for mentioning me in her post the other day.

Both Oni and Harknell were very helpful giving me lots of advice and info about why they chose the tablet pc they did when I was looking to get one a little while back.

To see one in action I’d recommend checking out the tutorial vids they’ve posted over at YouTube and in the tutorials section on their site.

Cancer Research UK

I’ve just added my name to Cancer Research UK’s ‘Cancer 2020’ petition. It’s all about urging politicians across the UK to start planning today for the cancer challenges of tomorrow.

An ageing population and major advances in cancer treatment mean that the number of people surviving or living with cancer is rising. Urgent planning is needed to ensure the NHS is ready for the challenges ahead.

You can sign the petition at:

Cancer 2020: Plan it right, make it fair

Coming soon?

As mentioned a couple of posts ago I’ve finally added some content to the Gallery Page (link on the right), which at the moment includes short videos of some of the Mobile Phone games I was the artist for.

A friend of mine has told me about a java application which will allow me to add playable demos of the games instead/as well, so I’m in the process of decideing/figureing out how to do this.

If people would like to play some of these games let me know, and I’ll get them added.

Gallery Page

I’ve finally added something to the Gallery Page.

It’s still under development and I think will end up looking completely different than it does now, but there are some examples of my work up for now.

Transformers, Robots disguised as what? and Thunder who now?

As a child of the 80’s I am of course a huge fan of all of the toy/cartoon/comic franchises which hit us back then, the biggest and best (in my mind) being Thundercats and Transformers, but it looks like they’re being re-imagined (read messed with) for a new generation.

Transformers image 1

Transformers image 2

Transformers image 3

Perhaps I’m being too much of a pureist there we’ll see when the film comes out I guess, but no-one (and I mean no-one) can deny what they’re planning to do to the Thundercats is just plain wrong, please say it isn’t so!

Work In Progress

I still haven’t managed to sort out any of my work to add to the gallery section of this site, but anyone interested in what kind of stuff I do can see a few rough examples of some of my current work in progress either by hitting the link under pages on the right or by going here

I plan to update this everytime I have a new piece or revision of an existing piece.

Changes are afoot! Welcome to the new Monkeywiz

I’ve been meaning to update my website for years and never managed to get around to it, so I decided the best way to keep me interested and get used to updating regularly was to take it in a completely different direction hence the Monkeywiz Blog!

This is still going to be a place where I showcase my personal (and proffesional) work, but I will now be including more work in progress, usefull tips and tutorials, as and when I come accross them (or maybe even write a few), as well as including interesting links and more of my personal view of the world (or rants as people who know me might call them).

I’m still playing with all of the in’s and outs of this blogging software, which is why it currently has a rather drab exterior, but expect huge changes to the look and format of this site very soon. If you came here looking for some of my flash work or 3D animation, don’t worry, check back soon and I’ll have some new stuff up (and maybe even some of the old stuff if I decide it’s good enough).

Enough chat for now, back to editing the site